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Reprogram Your Mind to Eliminate Patterns of Anxiety, Past Traumas, Fear and Overthinking

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Past Bad Memories can make people feel trapped and they avoid situations because of persistent worry or fear of future. Some cases also display physical symptoms like excessive sweating, increased heartbeat, and sometimes pains. It is an overwhelming feeling and it requires therapeutic interventions.

If you would like to experience and benefit from our NLP-based Past Traumas Therapy and Panic Release Therapy, please sign up for one-to-one counselling session with NLP Expert SK Verma.

Break the Bad Habit of "FEARFUL THINKING

In order to break the bad habit of Fearful thinking you need to learn to trust yourself to make a decision or take action to get out of the thought loop and get somewhere new. This sounds simple, and it is, but if you’re an overthinker you will have thoughts about why you can’t do this or why this won’t apply to your situation. That’s normal because the habit of overthinking has been programmed into your brain as your go-to.

Who is This Session For?

If You Struggle with Past Traumas & Anxiety

Offering support for individuals dealing with the challenges of anxiety.

If you Struggle with Overthinking

Guiding those who find themselves caught in a cycle of overthinking.

For the Anxious Minds

Tailored sessions for anyone grappling with persistent anxiety.

Stressed Out? This is for You

Targeting individuals experiencing stress and seeking effective coping strategies.

Transform Your Overthinking Habits

Guiding individuals on a journey to transform overthinking into positive thinking.

Anxiety Relief Sessions

Geared towards individuals seeking relief from the burdens of anxiety.

What Problems Do I Solve?

What More is There For You in This Counselling Session

Reprogram Your Self-Doubt

Realize your strengths, weaknesses as an observer and not experiencer.

Breaking the Fears

Using Fast Phobia Cure Pattern Formula to break down the chains of fear and live your dream life

Self Image is Inner Bliss

Reframing every guilt to be an opportunity for growth and learning. Make confidence your real self.

Think ’n’ live in Confidence

Let opportunities knock your door with the secret "Brilliance Method".

Using Proven "NLP Mind Tools" NOT taught in schools

Master the Art of Simple Mind Tools: Simplify Your Life and Amplify Your Results.

Delete Past Traumas

Erase the Scars of Past Traumas.


Hi, I'm Sk Verma – Your Guide to a Calmer Mind

Greetings! A software engineer turned NLP expert on a mission to guide individuals toward a calmer, more balanced life. In a world brimming with complexity, I’ve transitioned from the precision of engineering to the delicacy of the human mind, dedicating myself to assisting those struggling with Anxiety, Fear and Overthinking.

My journey into Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is fueled by a deep-seated passion for empowering individuals to overcome the challenges that hinder their peace of mind. As an engineer, I honed my analytical skills, and now, as an NLP practitioner, I apply that same rigor to understand the intricacies of thought patterns and emotional well-being.

Hoping to see you soon.

Internationally Certified NLP Expert / Mind Coach

SK Verma


Who can take this 1-1 session?

Anyone can avail of this session, who wants to get rid of repetitive patterns of Anxiety, Overthinking, fear, stress, failure, depression & low confidence.

Once you register here, you will get a WhatsApp message with the link to book your time slot for your appointment.

Where will I get the bonuses of the Session?

After paying for the session, you will receive the bonuses directly in your mailbox

What is the duration of this Counselling Session by Mind Coach SK Verma?

The session is designed to be 45 min long, allowing sufficient time for deep exploration and meaningful transformation.

Can I reschedule my session if I am unable to attend at the scheduled time?

Yes, we understand that circumstances may arise. If you need to reschedule your session, please contact our team as soon as possible, and we will do our best to accommodate

Are there any Bonuses also?

Yes, once you register you will get 2 Bonuses worth ₹3999/-absolutely Free.


Mini KhannaMini Khanna
15:26 10 Oct 23
SK Verma is very sincere and honest coach. His techniques and guidance are very simple yet very deep. He understands the problems at the root level and helps in resolving the problem forever. I highly recommend him!!
Princy VermaPrincy Verma
04:27 30 Aug 23
SK Verma sir is a wonderful coach..I had taken sessions for my Anxiety..He is extremely understanding & best in the therapies..I got so much relieved through his counselling sessions ..Highly recommended..👍👍
Lalit sharmaLalit sharma
14:11 07 May 23
It's was excellent experience
gaurav devgangaurav devgan
12:49 06 May 23
Extremely sensible way and a positive approach of making people realise their true potential by SK Verma mind prevails as an eye opener in today’s rat race scenario
Mamta BhardwajMamta Bhardwaj
16:35 26 Apr 23
You are doing really great job sir 👏Your classes are really good and appreciable 👍👍 .You not only taught us meditation but also taught us many useful and pleasant things. I am very grateful to you sir☺
Arnav BhardwajArnav Bhardwaj
16:16 26 Apr 23
Had an amazing experience with Mr. SK Verma. Developed a comfort with him in very first session. I got to know about lots of facts about how our mind works and how important our belief system can be. Extremely thankful for the kind of efforts and dedication in work. Have never felt such inner peace with myself. Thanks again sir 🙏 👍
Shelly LonganiShelly Longani
05:53 26 Apr 23
Its been an amazing experience associating with SK sir. He has got quite practical approach of dealing in context to deeper issues( in my Case Relationship Counselling). Also , he help the client towards the desired outcome with the help of Mind Tools ( very empowering)Really grateful for his insightful guidance 🙏🙏🙂🙂
Deepak SinghDeepak Singh
05:48 26 Apr 23
Mr Verma as a mind coach, He helped me identify my limiting beliefs and patterns of negative thinking. He provided practical strategies to help me reframe my thinking and develop a more positive mindset.Highly recommend!😊👍😊👍😊👍😊👍⚡
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